A Guide to Custom Church Banners

I was sitting here thinking, why is it so hard to find custom church banners? So, I did some research and while there are a lot of online companies that offer church banners, there are very few that will customize your church banner with your church logo, colors, etc. I want to guide you through the different options available to design the perfect custom church banner for your church.

Custom church banners are a great way to display what’s going on around the church or to bring attention to a certain aspect of what the church would like to feature. Custom church banners are modern advertising and can be used for repeat use or tailored for one specific occasion. There are two types of banners I would like to talk about. Retractable banners and vinyl banners.

Custom Church  Banners
Custom Church Banners (Retractable) – Example design by: Graceful Designs


A retractable banner is a standalone banner with an aluminum base at the bottom and a support pole to display the banner. For this type of banner, set up is easy and quick and is primarily used indoors. First of all this type of banner will not damage the wall to display it. Another feature of a retractable banner is the capability of double-sided printing. By utilizing this feature, you will be able to display even more information or choose to have the same information printed on both sides. Additionally, all retractable banners are available in full color, printed on a tear and water-resistant matte paper and above all include a nylon carry bag. There are a variety of sizes available ranging from 24” to 36” wide X 79” tall.

Here at Graceful Designs, we are happy to serve many Churches, businesses and personal clients with a fitting creation. We will help to design and deliver your custom church banner today. Our recent clients enjoyed the following:

  • Professionally designed to match your vision or promote the occasion
  • Durable for indoor or outdoor usage
  • Fast turn around, simply upload your files/ideas
Custom Church Banners
Custom Church Banners (Vinyl) – Example design by: Graceful Designs


A custom vinyl banner is used to display information and draw attention to a particular occasion or event. Depending on how you choose to display your vinyl banner, it can come with or without grommets and with or without reinforced edges. To display the banner, you can use rope, zip ties or a pole to secure it in place. The vinyl banners are available in full color and with one-sided printing only. Also, they are great for repeat use and are weather resistant, created for indoor or outdoor use, but more often, you will see these types of banners used outdoors. There are a variety of sizes available as small as a 2”X 4” and larger!

Where to use Custom Church Banners?

Without a doubt, both the retractable and vinyl banners can be used anywhere around the church.  Both can be used indoors or outdoors. In my experience, the retractable banner needs to be balanced well to avoid strong winds tipping it over, very easy to balance.


As a result of reading this, I hope that you have a better understanding of the different types of custom church banners available, sizing and the importance of good quality artwork. You will now be able to make a more educated choice to fit the needs of your church. Furthermore, if you are considering including any artwork on the banner, the resolution should be between 100 – 150 DPI (Dots Per Inch). Using a photo with less DPI than that can result in a fuzzy photo. Once all information is provided and the finished product is ready for print, turnaround time is 2-3 business days, maybe a couple of days longer depending on the shipping location.

Banners that do not include specific information can be used in a multitude of ways and for years to come!

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